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Rayven Brochure: make data, AI + IoT easy.

Rayven offers flexible, easy-to-use, all-in-one data science, AI and IoT software for creating purpose-built IoT and Industry 4.0 solutions that deliver meaningful business outcomes.

Discover what Rayven can do for you:
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The flexibility of our technology, speed of design-to-deployment, and pricing model makes our Dynamix platform and the IoT solutions built on it affordable for any business looking to embrace the opportunities that come with Industry 4.0 technologies.

Who is Rayven Brochure

Discover why Dyanmix is a world-leading data, AI + IoT platform.

There are lots of reasons to work with Rayven over one of the numerous IoT platforms and companies in the market, but top of them all is the capabilities of our platform and our team.  It takes a technology stack and numerous disciplines to deliver a successful IoT or Industry 4.0 solution, and Rayven has the skills and partners to deliver a brilliant solution for you.


Robust, industrial-dedicated technology

The only fully-featured, all-in-one platform built for industry that combines data, AI + IoT capabilities seamlessly - with no hidden costs.


Extreme interoperability

Our technology integrates with any machinery, systems, technologies and data stores to effortlessly create a real-time single source of truth.


One platform, multiple use cases

Get real-time monitoring, predictive insights, and AI-led productivity solutions - or anything else - in one platform.


Ready-to-deploy or create from scratch

Adopt IoT solutions or create them yourself using easy-to-use, codeless interfaces.


Low cost + affordable for all

Works with what you have, pay only for what you use, and it's the only Industry 4.0 platform you’ll ever need.


Fast-to-deploy, infinitely scalable

Start with one device and a single solution, end with millions across hundreds.


SaaS-based, Edge-ready

Our technology doesn’t require IT support, can be deployed anywhere, and supports Edge processing.


Enterprise security as-standard

Dynamix is built with security as a top priority, so our proprietary security architecture ensures your data is secure at all points.


End-to-end services + 24/7 support

We can help you with data science and machine learning, solution design, build, deployment, scaling, optimization, plus provide 24 / 7 technical support.

See Rayven in action

One of our data science, AI + IIoT specialists will contact you for a live one-on-one demonstration or to answer any questions.