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We’ll support you to develop, sell + maintain your own applications end-to-end.

Get the software, data science, and Industry 4.0 toolkit you need to deliver brilliant real-time solutions, simply.

Work directly with our frontend, backend, data science, and technical support teams to create the custom applications that you need + your customers want.

Our powerful, integrated Dynamix data, AI + IoT platform, coupled with data science skills and in-depth sector expertise, enables you and your customers to succeed with any IoT, AI or Industry 4.0 use-case.

Download our partner brochure and understand the full array of technologies and services that we can provide you with so that you can develop your own IoT solutions, offer technical support and consultancy, as well as leverage novel Industry 4.0 technologies to future-proof your business.


Why work with Rayven?

There are lots of reasons to work with Rayven over one of the numerous IoT platforms and companies in the market, but top of them all is the capabilities of our platform and our team. It takes a technology stack and numerous disciplines to deliver a successful IoT solution, and Rayven can do a lot of the hard work for you.


End-to-End IoT + AI Platform

It's an easy-to-use tool kit full of functionality that enables you to consolidate and supercharge.


Solution Delivery Services

We offer end-to-end project and long-term solution services, as well as 24/7/365 support.


Masters of Speed

We deploy, test, optimize and then scale solutions that work - so can be up-and-running in 2 weeks.


Affordable, Transparent Pricing

Rayven’s simple pricing model and generous usage allowances, make Rayven incredibly affordable.


Industrial Data Science
+ Machine Learning

We identify truly unique insights that fuel IoT and AI solutions that enable your customers to succeed.


Extensive Partner Network

Join our network of partners and get access to world-leading skills and technologies.


Industrial Expertise

Our team has in-depth sector-knowledge, so our solutions are guaranteed to meet your needs.


Integrate Anything

Our platform can integrate with any data source, sensor or hardware, meaning it fits everything.


White Labelling

Get control and design a solution that’s fully-white labelled to carry your brand.

See Rayven in action

One of our data science, AI + IIoT specialists will contact you for a live one-on-one demonstration or to answer any questions.