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Track your supply chain, reduce losses and uncover optimizations.

Use the power of our Supply Chain Tracking & Optimization IIoT and Industry 4.0 solutions to track, secure and optimize your supply chain both affordably and in real-time.

 Get complete transparency, predictability & utilize IIoT and Industry 4.0 solutions to find optimizations, simply.

IIoT and Industry 4.0 solutions give you real-time data, information, and new ways of improving your business. The right information can make any supply chain run better and improve efficiency, but end-to-end processes can take optimization to a new level altogether.

Gathering and processing the data in real-time utilizing our Supply Chain Tracking & Optimization IIoT and Industry 4.0 solutions will shorten your decision times and enable you to react rapidly to all the unexpected changes that happen on a minute-by-minute basis.

Rayven: monitoring + control in one place.

Using our Dynamix all-in-one data science, AI + IIoT platform, we integrate your existing systems and machinery to provide your organization with a real-time single source of truth for individual assets, sites or your entire business' performance.

Our solutions are ready-to-go and quickly deployed on to your Dynamix; providing you with all the asset monitoring and utilization insights that you need today, as well as the ability to develop your platform utilizing its inbuilt, codeless Machine Learning engine, AI Dynamix, to predict, optimize and improve into the future.


Increase Vehicle Up-time

Continuously monitor CANBus and OBDII data, along with speed, load to understand how each vehicle is being driven. Compare that with maintenance information to aid in proactive maintenance planning.


Monitor Storage Conditions

Don’t rely solely on the results of a temperature logger that’s read when a consignment is opened. Have complete end-to-end monitoring and traceability of conditions.


Monitor Driver Efficiency & Safety

Your drivers make decisions about their load and how they drive to the conditions. By understanding actual vehicle performance, you can make targeted decisions about driver training and management.


Streamline Goods Movement

Understand which routes, days, customers, or drivers tend to be delayed so that you can make informed decisions about interventions.


Administer Goods Immediately

Verified tracking allows you to validate exactly when goods arrive. Use that information to trigger follow-on tasks such as supplier payments or onward shipping requests.


Predictive Maintenance

Intelligent asset monitoring allows you to predict and prevent failures, improving safety, asset lifespan and efficiency. 


Measurable outcomes from our Supply Chain Tracking & Optimization IIoT and Industry 4.0 solutions:

Lower cost of maintenance

Increase utilization

Reduce breakdowns

Lower cost of ownership

Improved efficiency

Single source of truth from start to finish.

Our Dynamix platform uses real-time data, AI and contextualized data visualizations to give you a real-time single source of truth upon which our Supply Chain Tracking & Optimization IIoT and Industry 4.0 solutions operate. giving you the toolkit you need to predict, optimize and scale.


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Rayven’s ready-to-go, easy-to-use IIoT and Industry 4.0 solutions will give you all the abilities you need, plus much more, in weeks with no hidden-costs. Find out more:

Discover some of Rayven's Supply Chain Tracking & Optimization IIoT and Industry 4.0 solutions' case studies:


Improving Supply Chain Performance

If you can better track your supply chain, you can understand points of failure, the reasons for them, or better still - react to issues in real-time before they become a problem. This is what our Supply Chain Performance IIoT and Industry 4.0 solution will enable you to do. Read More.


Vehicle Fleet Management & Optimization

Any organization with yellow goods and fleets of vehicles depends on maximizing their utilization, reliability and safety for ultimate business success. When they're always in motion and downtime is the enemy, IIoT is the answer to optimizing their use. Read More.


Truck Health, Predictive Maintenance & Compliance Fleet Monitoring

The trucking and logistics industry is under tremendous pressure to improve quality and performance under stringent environmental and safety regulations, whilst also becoming more competitive. Read More.

Cold Storage

Cold Storage Monitoring, Compliance & Energy Efficiency

Discover how our IIoT and Industry 4.0 solution enabled our customer to better monitor their cold storage environment, ensuring that their products are stored at the correct temperatures and that they comply with food storage regulations, both during storage and in transport. Read More.





Rayven's key features.

Discover more about the Rayven Dynamix all-in-one data science, AI + IIoT platform and our unparalleled Services.


Robust, industrial-dedicated technology

The only fully-featured, all-in-one platform built for industry that combines data science, AI + IIoT abilities seamlessly.


Extreme interoperability

Our technology integrates with any machinery, systems, technologies and data stores to effortlessly create a real-time single source of truth..


One platform, multiple use cases

Get real-time monitoring, predictive maintenance, and AI-led productivity solutions – or anything else – in one platform.


Ready-to-deploy or create from scratch

Adopt ready-to-deploy solutions or create them yourself using easy-to-use, codeless interfaces.


Low cost

Works with what you have, pay only for what you use, and is the only Industry 4.0 platform you’ll ever need.


Fast-to-deploy, infinitely scalable

Start with one device and a single solution, end with millions across hundreds.


SaaS-based, Edge-ready

Our technology doesn’t require IT support, can be deployed anywhere, and supports Edge processing..


Enterprise security

Dynamix is built with security as a top priority, so our proprietary security architecture ensures data is secure at all points.


End-to-end services + 24/7 support

We can help you with data science and machine learning, solution design, build, deployment, scaling, optimization, plus provide 24 / 7 technical support.

Working with industry-leaders to create brilliant, purpose-built data science, AI + IIoT solutions for you:


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