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Predictive maintenance will transform asset efficiency, worker safety and improve productivity.

Our Predictive Maintenance IIoT and Industry 4.0 solutions can spot what humans and traditional technologies simply can't, providing you with bottom-line benefits.

Prevent breakdowns, injuries and save money.

Predictive maintenance (PdM) is a critical process for any business wanting to prevent breakdowns, injuries and increase asset utilization.

Our Predictive Maintenance IIoT and Industry 4.0 solutions enable you to adopt continuous monitoring for future failure, allowing your organization to be one step ahead and plan maintenance before failure, eliminating the major downtime of assets or processes. Our predictive maintenance solutions also reduce unplanned reactive maintenance, the costs associated with it, and prevents hazardous and catastrophic failures - all-round, it'll save you time, money and effort.

Rayven: monitoring + control in one place.

Using our Dynamix all-in-one data science, AI + IIoT platform, we integrate your existing systems and machinery to provide your organization with a real-time single source of truth for individual assets, sites or your entire business' performance.

Our solutions are ready-to-go and quickly deployed on to your Dynamix; providing you with all the asset monitoring and utilization insights that you need today, as well as the ability to develop your platform utilizing its inbuilt, codeless Machine Learning engine, AI Dynamix, to predict, optimize and improve into the future.


Identify Future Machinery Failure

Identify anomalous machine vibrations, noise and heat to identify forthcoming failures and guide you to efficient fixes.


Shrink Maintenance Costs

Proactively schedule maintenance based on actual asset condition and cut down on unnecessary intervention, increasing the efficiency of your maintenance teams.


Reduce Unplanned Downtime

Use time-to-failure metrics to avoid unexpected machine failure and know in advance when something will  fail, so your machines can run uninterrupted.


Smarter Maintenance Planning & Regimes

As you collect data, you’ll better understand how long fixes take as well as how often they need work, allowing you to optimize your maintenance schedules around your operational ones.


Increase Workplace Safety

Unexpected asset behaviour can create hazardous working environments, so identifying issues before a catastrophic failure prevents injuries and enhances workplace safety.


Uncover Business Enhancements

The platform can be used to identify failures and the reasons for them, compare assets in the same class, uncover optimizations, and enable you to make better purchasing decisions..


Measurable outcomes from our Predictive Maintenance IIoT and Industry 4.0 solutions:

Lower cost of maintenance

Increase utilization

Reduce breakdowns

Lower cost of ownership

Increase productivity

Single source of truth from start to finish.

Rayven's Predictive Maintenance IIoT and Industry 4.0 solutions enable you to understand and contextualize real-time data, and then couple if with AI and machine learning, to get a true picture of your existing assets' performance.


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Rayven’s ready-to-go, easy-to-use IIoT and Industry 4.0 solutions will give you all the abilities you need, plus much more, in weeks with no hidden-costs. Find out more:

Discover some of Rayven's Predictive Maintenance IIoT and Industry 4.0 solutions' case studies:


Pump Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance

Pumping stations are an intrinsic part of the sewerage network, raising water from gravity-fed pits to transmit over long distances. They're often located in urban areas, operate regularly and can quickly cause problems when they fail. Read More.


Vehicle Fleet Management & Optimization

Any organization with yellow goods depends on maximizing their utilization, reliability and safety for ultimate business success. When they're always in motion and downtime is the enemy, AI + IoT is the answer to optimizing their use. Read More.


Industrial HVAC Predictive Maintenance & Energy Efficiency

Industrial HVAC consumes large amounts of energy and requires continuous management oversight - our IIoT and Industry 4.0 solution makes this easy and enables you to save time and money in the process. Read More.


Truck Health, Predictive Maintenance & Compliance Fleet Monitoring

The trucking and logistics industry is under tremendous pressure to improve quality and performance under stringent environmental and safety regulations, whilst also becoming more competitive. Read More.


Gas Station Asset

Gas stations have lots of assets to manage - not just fuel pumps, but lighting, HVAC, refrigeration and air compressors. Since many run 24 / 7 , knowing how the equipment is being used and when it might fail brings big benefits. Read More.


Waste Water Condition Monitoring, Energy Efficiency & Predictive Maintenance

Find out how our IIoT and Industry 4.0 solution helped reduce energy consumption and equipment downtime via intelligent maintenance schedules at our customer's waste processing centers. Read More.

Rayven's key features.

Discover more about the Rayven Dynamix all-in-one data science, AI + IIoT platform and our unparalleled Services.


Robust, industrial-dedicated technology

The only fully-featured, all-in-one platform built for industry that combines data science, AI + IIoT abilities seamlessly.


Extreme interoperability

Our technology integrates with any machinery, systems, technologies and data stores to effortlessly create a real-time single source of truth..


One platform, multiple use cases

Get real-time monitoring, predictive maintenance, and AI-led productivity solutions – or anything else – in one platform.


Ready-to-deploy or create from scratch

Adopt ready-to-deploy solutions or create them yourself using easy-to-use, codeless interfaces.


Low cost

Works with what you have, pay only for what you use, and is the only Industry 4.0 platform you’ll ever need.


Fast-to-deploy, infinitely scalable

Start with one device and a single solution, end with millions across hundreds.


SaaS-based, Edge-ready

Our technology doesn’t require IT support, can be deployed anywhere, and supports Edge processing..


Enterprise security

Dynamix is built with security as a top priority, so our proprietary security architecture ensures data is secure at all points.


End-to-end services + 24/7 support

We can help you with data science and machine learning, solution design, build, deployment, scaling, optimization, plus provide 24 / 7 technical support.

Working with industry-leaders to create brilliant, purpose-built data science, AI + IIoT solutions for you:


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